European Road Safety Charter

Safety is the very first priority for the European toll motorways association. ASECAP has renewed its strong commitment to the European Road Safety Charter in spring 2009.

ASECAP actions are twofold. On one hand, ASECAP spreads the information on EU policies, plan and advice to all its members (20 national bodies representing 156 companies). For example, ASECAP has carefully monitored and participated to the works on the EU Directive on road infrastructure safety management. ASECAP still follows actively the implementation process of the Directive.  

On the other hand, ASECAP gathers the knowledge, the datas and the achievements of toll roads in safety matters. ASECAP also makes it publicly available, more specifically to the European Institutions in order to offer  its high-level degree of expertise to the EU policy makers (bottom-up approach). In this respect, ASECAP has set a Permanent Committee (COPER II) devoted to safety and composed of several of its members.  Events are also regularly organized with safety as core issue. Especially during the  Annual meetings where the European toll motorways professionals (an average of 350 delegates) can meet directly the European Institutions and contribute to specific sessions on road safety.

Further information:

Website of European Road Safety Charter

download ASECAP's renewal commitment to the European Road Safety Charter - 19.06.09
 download ASECAP brochure on Road Safety 2009