Internal structure


The General Assembly is composed of all the members of the Association, full and associate. Supporting partners are invited to attend as observers. In addition to the competences reserved to it, the General Assembly decides on all the questions submitted by the Executive Committee in the context of the Association’s activities.



The Executive Committee is composed of the President of the Association, the first and second Vice Presidents and the immediate past President, as well as the Permanent Representatives of five full members of the Association. Moreover, the Secretary-General and the chairpersons of the Association's domains of interest also form part of the COMEX, without voting rights.
The Executive Committee is vested with the power to examine all actions falling within the Association's technical and political domains of interest. It decides the action plans and the establishment and composition of the committees, sub-committees, technical structures and working groups required to support the objectives of the Association in its domains of interests.
The decisions of the Executive Committee are ratified by the General Assembly.

Domains of ASECAP interest - Permanent Committee (COPERs)

The ASECAP domains of interest are:

  • Tolling, Charging, Concessions
  • Safety, Sustainability and Commmunications
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Data Gathering and Analysis - Statistics
  • Prospective, future mobility trends

Each domain of ASECAP interest functions under a Chairperson. The domains’ Chairpersons act in close coordination with each other and with the Secretary-General / CEO.

Depending on the ASECAP action plans and priorities, a Chairperson of a domain of ASECAP Interest may be assisted by 1-3 Vice-Chairs.  With the agreement of the ASECAP Executive Committee, the Chairpersons of the domains of ASECAP interest, define their specific action plans and the time horizons and build various task forces inside the Permanent Committees, whose members they appoint from the ASECAP pool of experts.

These Committees analyse the EU transport realities taking into account the ASECAP interest and submit to the Executive Committee their coordinated proposals for ASECAP action plans. For this purpose, the COPER chairs rely on a team of Vice-Chairs and have access to a pool of experts from ASECAP’s full and associate members.

The Charipersons of the ASECAP domains of interest are:



Domain: Tolling, Charging, Concessions
Chair: Mr Pedro Pinto, APCAP

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Domain: Safety, Sustainability and Communications
Chair: Mrs Emanuela Stocchi, AISCAT

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Domain: Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
Chair: Mr Wolfgang Gritzner, ASFINAG

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Domain: Data Gathering and Analysis - Statistics
Chair: Mrs Alenka Košič, DARS

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