The iMobility Forum succeeds the eSafety Forum. ASECAP remains one of the three co-chairs of the Forum, besides ERTICO - ITS Europe and ACEA (the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association). In addition to the former e-Safety Forum's focus on ICT-based road safety technologies, the iMobility Forum’s field of work also includes ICT systems for resource-efficient and clean mobility. The iMobility Forum is a joint industry-public sector initiative driven by the European Commission.

Striving for safe, smart and clean mobility with zero accidents, zero delays, no negative impact on the environment and connected and informed citizens, where products and services are affordable and seamless, privacy is respected and security is provided, the iMobility Forum provides an open platform for all ITS stakeholders in Europe to discuss, define, coordinate and support activities to further innovation, research, development, deployment and use of ICT-based transport systems and services.

The role of ASECAP

ASECAP as co-Chair of the initiative assists the EC with the management of the Forum, contributing through its guidance and increasing cooperation with the automobile sector to facilitate the establishment of conditions for a faster deployment of cooperative systems, aimed at improving safety and the impact of road mobility on the environment.

ASECAP co-chaired the Intelligent Infrastructure Working Group (IIWG) established in 2008. It focused on infrastructure-to-vehicle cooperative systems, clarifying what is an Intelligent Infrastructure and which are its components to support the foreseen services of cooperative systems. The identification of the services to be supported was a first step to confirm the necessary communication networks to support them, as well as the required architecture to support an easily upgradable and flexible construction.

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