9th ASECAP Marketing & Communication Workshop
                    Wednesday 23 March 2022


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Initiatives developed to get closer to customer needs and expectations (Grigoris Chasanis, Olympia Odos SA / HELLASTRON, Greece)
Link to the video projected as part of Mr Chasanis' presentation

Customer services & approach (Hugo Bento, BRISA / APCAP, Portugal)

Can motorways be green? (Edith Rührer, ASFINAG, Austria)

How motorway companies have ensured continuity of services, moving people and goods during the COVID-19 era (Yannis Handanos, Olympia Odos Operation SA / HELLASTRON, Greece)

Customer satisfaction index (Alessandra Pipitone Federico, ASFA, France)


ASECAP held its 8th Marketing & Communication Workshop on Wednesday 21 April 2021

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Ensuring service continuity during pandemic (Christophe Boutin, ASFA, France)

Via Verde Electric - EV charging in BRISA Motorways (Susana Agarez, BRISA / APCAP, Portugal)

Communications and marketing initiatives carried out in Spain in the Covid-19´s year (Ana Serrano, SEOPAN, Spain)

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic: the case of Attica Tollway (Helen Tyrogianni, Attikes Diadromes SA / HELLASTRON, Greece)

Health, safety and service: how we coped with the pandemic crisis (Nelly Girlanda, A4 Holding S.p.A. / AISCAT, Italy)

Hygienic Marketing – Brisa response to Covid (Marta Sanchez, BRISA / APCAP, Portugal)

Bridging the Gap between Conventional Toll Plaza Based Open Tolling Schemes and Distance Based Closed MLFF ETC Schemes: The Olympia Odos Hybrid Toll System in Greece (Konstantinos Antiochos, Olympia Odos Operation S.A. /HELLASTRON, Greece)






ASECAP, in association with ASFINAG, held its 7th Marketing & Communication Workshop on Friday 28 February 2020 in Vienna on the theme:

Marketing campaigns and actions to promote toll road infrastructure

Final Programme


Presentations made at the workshop:

Panel 1: Download the presentations of the 1st panel

Customer Involvement in ASFINAG chatbot programme (Werner Fritz & Sonja Eigner, ASFINAG)

Launching an ANPR subscription (Ole Lykke Christensens, SUND&BAELT Holding A/S)

Ascendi's Road Safety Campaigns (Susete Pires, ASCENDI)

Marketing in a Digital World (Luis Eça Pinheiro, BRISA)

30% program discount on toll subscription proposed on APRR, SANEF & VINCI AUTOROUTES networks (Malika Seddi, ASFA)

Panel 2: Download the presentations of the 2nd panel

IBTTA's Moving America Forward Public Awareness Campaign (Bill Cramer, IBTTA)

EU EIP: the activity of the Expert Group on Traffic Information Services, collection of Best Practices and review of Deployment Guidelines (Enrico Ferrante, AUTOVIE venete)

Tollways Corporate "Citizenship" Contributes to Social Acceptance and strengthens customer loyalty (Charalampos Malimoglou, HELLASTRON)

Winter games (Michaela Gold, ASFINAG)

Changing with Climate (Sebastiao Sousa, BRISA)

ABERTIS global road safety program (Nelly Girlanda, ABERTIS)







ASECAP, in association with HUKA, held its 6th Marketing Workshop on Friday 10 April 2019 in Zagreb on the theme:

Marketing campaigns and actions to promote toll road infrastructure

Final Programme

List of participants


Presentations made at the workshop:

Panel 1: Customer initiatives : presentations and interactive Q&A

Client interaction and GDPR (Francesco Esteves, BRISA Autoestradas)

The importance of an efficient communication campaign for the success of the BrennerLEC project (Ilaria De Biasi, Autostrada del Brennero S.P.A.)

Successful communication campaign for the introduction of ETC on Slovenian motorways (Emilija Erent, DARS)

Overview of HUKA members' marketing and communication activities (Brankica Bajic, HUKA)

Maintaining the level of service for motorway customers. A continuous effort that creates loyal customers and ensure the appropriate "VALUE" for the toll paid (Charalampos Malimoglou, HELLASTRON)

Panel 2: Customer initiatives: presentations + intectavie Q&A

From cars to people, from the fleets to companies (Nuno Martins, BRISA Autoestradas)

From road user to key actor (Enrico Ferrante, AUTOVIE venete)

Satisfaction index + 2018 results (Malika Seddi, ASFA)

Customer centric approaches to self service in tolling (Maria Landl, ASFINAG)

Entrance gates to Slovakia (Zuzana Krajcirikova, Narodna Dialnicna spolocnost a.s.)

Download the pictures of the Marketing Event (The link will expire in 7 days)




, in association with HELLASTRON, held its 5th Marketing Workshop on Thursday 3 May 2018 in Athens on the theme:

Marketing campaigns and actions to promote toll road infrastructure

Final Programme

List of participants

Presentations made at the workshop

Welcoming Speech (Bill Halkias, ASECAP Vice President & HELLASTRON President)

Workshop's shape: ASECAP Introductory Remarks

Panel 1: Keeping the link with customers: innovative mobility services

Keynote Speech: Crisis Management and Communication: Challenges to customer satisfaction in the face of large scale events negatively impacting toll road operations (Skylakakis Nikolaos, Sk&P CONSULT, HELLASTRON)

Winter maintenance prevention and action toward the drivers (Malika Seddi, ASFA)

Keep Moving (Francisco Esteves, BRISA/APCAP)

A Public Awareness Campaign to promote tolling worldwide (Emanuela Stocchi, IBTTA Past Immediate President)

Panel 2: Innovative actions/initiatives that toll road operators are undretaking to expand and improve their services/operations/communications towards customers

Interaction with motorways to improve capillarity of public transportation (Ivan Ramos-Catalina, SATAP, A4 &A21 motorways/AISCAT)

Social Media: Opportunity or threat? (Nuno Sequeira, BRISA/APCAP)

Customer Journey 2.0 - Digital Vignette (Werner Fritz, ASFINAG)

AWSA Social and Educational Campaign "Highway to School - 360° activation" (Zofia Kwiatkowska, AWSA / PAK)

EETS - Marketing EFC (Klaus Richter, AXXES)



ASECAP held its 4th Marketing Workshop on Monday 27 February 2017 from 9.30 to 15.45 in Copenhangen on the theme:

                                   Marketing campaigns and actions to promote toll road infrastructure


Final programme

List of participants

Presentations made at the workshop:

Workshop's shape: Introductory remarks

Exponential Digital Trends
, keynote speech (Jens Hjerrild Poder, PEYTZ & Co)

Panel 1: Innovative mobility services for customers (new mobility apps & technologies, new mobility concepts, pricing, toll and discount programs, make money/induce traffic, monitoring customers' satisfaction)

Deployment of an electric fueling framework along the AISCAT network (Andrea Manfron, AISCAT)
Electric mobility (Malika Seddi, ASFA)
Changing customer habits and its effects on the "classic" offers of a Service Center (Werner Fritz, ASFINAG)
Brisa new marketing approach (Luis D'Eça Pinheiro, BRISA)
A different approach towards a client - social responsible motorway (Anna Kordecka, GDANSK TRANSPORT COMPANY)
Applying integrated data driven approach to Marketing and Customer Care on Toll Roads (Christos Koulouris, HELLASTRON)
S2WAY: A new Service Provider (Francesco Bettoni, BREBEMI)

Panel 2: Innovative actions concerning services areas (parking facilities, secure parking, rest areas)

Cross Border Marketing (Karsten Längerich, SUND&BAELT Holding A/S)
ASFINAG Rest Area Concept (David Kollenhofer, ASFINAG)
Service Areas - New Partnership Model (Patricia Mota, BRISA)
Mobile Application DarsTraffic+ (Andreja Skroza, DARS)
From Motorcycles to People - from transactions to behaviours (Joaquim Lima, BRISA)

Technical Workshop on Marketing Activities 2016

Rome, Italy

5 February 2016

Minutes and photos 

Final programme

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Presentations made at the workshop:

Audiorecording of Panel 1
(file size 75MB)
Audiorecording of Panel 2
(file size 50MB)


From Cars to People (Luis D'Eça Pinheiro, BRISA)
Consumer satisfaction and the role of social media (Emilija Erent & Mojca Bergauer, DARS)
Rebranding N.V. Westerscheldetunnel (Ingo De Moor, Westerscheldetunnel)
Format for an Infrastructure System: communication between new and traditional on A58 (Federico Lenti, TEEM)
Pricing, toll and discount programs (Karel Feix, KAPSCH TS)

Panel 2:
A new model for the service areas - the secure parking for transport (Maurizio Alessandro, Serenissima Trading)
Being close to customers (Malika Seddi, ASFA)
Motorway Loyalty Program (Francisco Esteves, Brisa)
APP Autopistas en ruta (Joan Casanovas, ABERTIS AUTOPISTAS)

Technical Workshop on Marketing Activities 2015

Paris, France

6 February 2015


Final programme

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Presentations made at the workshop: