14th ASECAP Road Safety Conference in cooperation with AISCAT


   New models of mobility in Europe
The technology breakthrough and Vision Zero

4 April 2022

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Decarbonizing road infrastruture: Challenges, perspectives and vision in tough economy  

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EasyWay is a project for Europe-wide ITS deployment on main TERN corridors driven by national road authorities and operators with associated partners including the automotive industry, telecom operators and public transport stakeholders.

It sets clear targets, identifies the set of necessary ITS European services to deploy (Traveller Information, Traffic Management and Freight and Logistic Services) and is an efficient platform that allows the European mobility stakeholders to achieve a coordinated and combined deployment of these pan-European services.

EasyWay incorporates all current Euro Regions and facilitates the integration of new Member States and new areas such as the Baltic countries, Greece and Southern Italy. It reinforces the cooperation between the existing participating countries by providing a new integrated framework with clear objectives and reporting.

Further information:


download Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation signed between ASECAP and EasyWay in November 2009
download ASECAP Presentation "Road operators requirements concerning a realistic EasyWay "(made during the EasyWay Annual Meeting in Vienna - 17/19 November 2009)