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On 7 September the AISCAT General Assembly unanimously elected Diego Cattoni, CEO of Autostrada del Brennero, as new AISCAT President (

After his election, Mr. Cattoni took the floor to thank the General Assembly for having entrusted him to carry out this important role and to underline the need to look to the future, to the sustainable mobility with the objectives of digital transformation and ecological transition.

He said that in 2021 the priority is not so much building thousands of kilometers of new highways, but it is mainly transforming the existing ones from mere infrastructures to intelligent roads, which communicate directly with the new generation of vehicles. At the same time it is important to promote the gradual transition from the current energy paradigm based on the use of fossil fuels to the one that sees the spread of electric vehicles, whose charge comes from renewable energy sources.

President Cattoni presented as a challenge for the sector the development of hydrogen’s use, with the creation of a capillary network of recharging points for green hydrogen vehicles, but also the production and storage of the same. President Cattoni also highlighted the important role of highways’ concessionaires of relaunching the economic growth and the recovery of the Country in this historic phase, stressing that each Euro invested in the infrastructure’s sector generates at least three times the added value.

President Cattoni concluded his speech with a strong call to unity, saying that the Italian concessionaires showed excellent results in the construction and management of highways’ infrastructures and that our network is one. Therefore one and united must also be our voice, as well as, respecting the particularities of each, the inclusive vision with which we will carry out a season of re-development of the Italian infrastructural system.

ASFA 2020 Key Figures - fatal accidents on the tolled motorway network