About FOTsis

FOTsis (Field Operational Tests on Safe, Intelligent and Sustainable Road Operation) is a project financed in the context of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for Research and Technological Development. FOTsis is a large-scale field testing of the road infrastructure management systems needed for the operation of seven close-to-market cooperative technologies (the so-called “FOTsis services”, by means of exchange of information between the vehicle and the infrastructure), in order to assess in detail their effectiveness and their potential for full-scale deployment on European roads. The project started in April 2011 and is expected to end in September 2014.

Objectives and scope

FOTsis mainly aims to test the road infrastructure’s capability to provide and operate seven cooperative systems based on communications between the motorways and the vehicle (V2I, I2V, I2I) at nine test-sites in four European test-countries. FOTsis will also aim to develop and promote a common ITS & Communication Architecture for European roads, as well as to generate and disseminate business models for the cooperative services that rely on infrastructure.

More precisely, the seven “FOTsis services” to be tested are:
  • S1: Emergency Management
  • S2 : Safety Incident Management
  • S3 : Intelligent Congestion Control
  • S4 : Dynamic Route Planning
  • S5 : Special Vehicle Tracking
  • S6 : Advanced Enforcement
  • S7 : Infrastructure Safety Assessment
The related tests will be carried out in 9 test sites based in 4 countries:
  • Germany: A99; A9; A92
  • Portugal: Baixo Alentejo; Algarve Litoral
  • Greece: Pathe motorway
  • Spain: A2-1st stretch; A2-3rd stretch; M12

Besides their effectiveness, the tests will also analyse the potential of these cooperative services for full scale deployment in roads across Europe.

In addition to the technical stages of the design, execution and evaluation of the tests, FOTsis will pay special attention to the dissemination of the results and close cooperation with other relevant projects.

Who is behind FOTsis?

Under the coordination of OHL Concesiones - a Spanish motorway operator - the FOTsis consortium is composed of a great variety of partners, namely:

Industry Associations

  • European Union Road Federation (ERF)

Motorway Operators

  • Iridium (Spain)
  • OHL Concesiones (Spain)
  • Planestrada (Portugal)
  • Marestrada (Portugal)
  • Nea Odos (Greece)

Technology Integrators

  • Sice (Spain)
  • Indra (Spain)
  • ACB Systems (Germany)
  • GMVIS Skysoft (Portugal)
  • Transver (Germany)
  • Terna Energy (Greece)
  • GMV Sistemas (Spain)

Telecommunications Operators

  • France Télécom (France)
  • Optimus (Portugal)


  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)
  • Aalto University Foundation (Finland)
  • Université de Murcie (Spain)

Research Centres

  • Ilmatieteen Laitos (Finland)
  • Center for research and technology Hellas (Greece)
  • Centro de innovación de infraestructuras inteligentes (Spain)

Map & Content Provider

  • Geoville (Austria)

Users’ Association

  • Fédération internationale de l’automobile (FIA) (France)

Further information :

Website of the FOTsis project

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