The great majority of toll road schemes can be a combination of several sources founding : budgetary, credits, toll revenue or loans.

Funding from tolls has been a success in Norway, with nearly 100 projects being carried out on basis. However, owing to changes in the country’s economic situation and certain decisions that can be regarded at least as debatable, some projects have experienced funding problems.

Until the mid-1980’s, toll funding accounted for less than 5% of total investment in Norway’s roads. Since 1985 however, the private sector’s contribution has steadily risen and over the last 10 years it has contributed between 20 and 35% of the capital cost of 35 projects.

Thus Norway’s recourse to toll funding shows the determination to speed up the construction of large road projects, which could not be carried through on the basis of public funding alone.


There is an ongoing reform of the tolling sector in Norway. The aim is to increase efficiency and efficacy at all levels. One of the evident changes is the aim to reduce from close to 80 local tolling companies to 5 regional ones. The issuer will also be separated from the tolling company during this reform.


Network as for December 2016

Click here to download the 2016 map of Norway's toll motorway network - PDF format

Important notes about the map:

1) The map features not only NORVEGFINANS members, but also the toll companies that are not part of NORVEGFINANS.

2) Explanation of the legend (that is originally in Norwegian language):
- Orange bullet points: toll roads
- Black bullet points: city toll rings
- Blue bullet points: tolls on ferry connections
- Green bullet points: local toll on fuel
- White bullet points: toll roads equipped with manual toll collection lanes only


Data as for 01/01/2015 (see the full explanation about Norway's statistical data in the 2017 Statistical Bulletin).

Companies Km   Toll revenues
37 911   Euros (million) 940,63
Traffic (Average daily)   Payment means
Light vehicles 12867121   Toll stations 180
Heavy vehicles 968491   Toll lanes 360
Total 1383562   ETC lanes 350
      ETC subscribers 2045177
Rest areas 0   (1) Total number of passages in all toll stations divided by the number of days in the year  
Services areas (with petrol stations) 0   (2) There are no restaurants, hotels or rests areas connected to toll companies in Norway 
Restaurants 0      
Hotels 0      

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