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Národná dialnicná spolocnost, a.s. (NDS, National Motorway Company) was incorporated on February 1, 2005. NDS continues in the tradition of the investor’s and administrator’s activities in the area of a motorway programme in Slovakia. The Directorship of Motorways Bratislava started implementation of the programme in 1969. Upon a merger with the Road Management Institute, investor’s divisions, and district road administrations, the company has continued in its extended activities (investor’s and administrator’s activities – in addition to motorways, also on class I, II, and III roads) under the trade name of Slovenská správa ciest (Slovak Road Administration). On January 1, 2004, the Slovak Road Administration delimitated class II and III roads to higher regional units, in accordance with the approved procedure of its transformation. Another step of such a transformation was the setting-up of NDS as of February 1, 2005.

NDS is Joint Stock Company and is 100% owned by the Slovak State on behalf of which the Ministry of Transportation, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic is acting.

NDS performs the following main activities:
  • Provision for production, distribution, and sale of vignettes for the use of determined motorway sections and collection of fees for the use of such roads;
  • Provision for preparation, implementation of repairs and construction of motorways;
  • Maintenance of class I, II, III roads in a condition corresponding to the purpose, for which they are determined, specifically on the basis of a contract concluded with the manager of the class I roads and owner or manager of the class II and III roads;
  • Operation of motorways owned by the company;
  • Winter and summer management of roads;
  • Performance of building inspection activities.
Národná dialnicná spolocnost, a.s. is funded through a multi-pillar system. Its available financial resources are the following:
  • State Budget
  • Funds of the European Union
  • ISPA (ISPA is an EU programme aimed at financing infrastructure and environment projects in Central and Eastern European Countries)
  • NDS loans
  • Toll vignettes

The biggest part of these funds is intended for the construction of motorways (M) and expressways (E). Private funds are expectedly another source of funding to finance the construction of infrastructures, including motorways to be built in the context of a Public-Private Partnership Project.

Slovakia stands on a doorstep of a change in the tariff policy of the road infrastructure. Upon the approval of the Act on Electronic Tolling the “vignette” system will be replaced by an electronic toll collection system. The new system will bring also a change in philosophy of payments, when the current time model will be replaced by a model of payments for actual mileage.


Network as for 01.01.2013

Slovak Republic

Blue01 = existing toll motorway network

Purple01 = toll motorway network in construction

Green = toll bridges, tunnels and roads


Data as for 01/01/2016 (Source: 2016 Statistical Bulletin). Complementary info: download their 2016 National Report

Companies Km   Toll revenues
1 700   Euros (million) 119,60
Traffic (Average daily)   Payment means
Light vehicles 17587   Toll stations 0
Heavy vehicles 5326   Toll lanes 0
Total 22913   ETC lanes 0
      ETC subscribers 2576941
Service areas 78   (1) Number of OBU subscribers (OBU: on-board unit)
Fuel stations 40      
Restaurants 20      
Hotels 3      

Národná diaľničná spoločnosť, a.s. (National Motorway Company)

Mlynské Nivy 45
SK-82109 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
T : +421 2 583 11 111
F : +421 2 583 11 706
E : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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