ASECAP Position on the C-ITS delegated act


Position Paper on the C-ITS delegated act. Download our position paper.

ASECAP Position Paper on impact of proposed Eurovignette directive revision on existing toll concession contracts


ASECAP Position Paper on the Impact of the proposal of Eurovignette directive modification on the existing toll concession contracts

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Contribution of toll concessions in the European economy and society


ASECAP has produced a leaflet:

Contribution of toll concessions in the European economy and society

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HUKA /Croatia

- Key Figures 2017
- National Report on Motorways 2017

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ASFA / France

- Chiffres Clés / Key Figures 2018
- Autoroutes Actus N°12 / June 2018
- Autoroutes Actus Hors Série mai 2018 "L'autoroute et les mobilités urbaines de demain - imaginer l'accès au nord de Paris à l'horizon 2030-2050"
- Autoroutes Actus Horé Série May 2018 "Motorways and Tomorrow"s Urban Mobility - envisioning the northern gateway to Paris in 2030-2050"

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  On 1 April 2018, the Republic of Slovenia will introduce an electronic tolling system in free traffic flow for vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes (heavy vehicles).

With the introduction of a new tolling system called DarsGo from 1 April 2018, it will no longer be possible to pay toll on the spot at each passing of a toll station. Payment of toll with the existing electronic media of DARS d.d. (DARS cards and ABC-tags) will also be terminated.

Instead, each vehicle that intends to use Slovenian motorways and expressways will have to be registered for the use of the DarsGo system and equipped with a DarsGo unit, which enables toll to be charged.

Registration and acquisition of the DarsGo unit can be arranged at the ‘DarsGo servis’ offices in Ljubljana, at the rest areas Lopata, Maribor and Grabonoš and at the border crossings Obrežje, Gruškovje and Fernetiči.

From the beginning of 2018, DarsGo service partners will become operational as well at petrol stations at motorway rest areas.

The acquisition of DarsGo unit can also be arranged through the secured page of the website

On the DARS corporate website, informative package of the DarsGo system is published, containing DarsGo ID manual, photos, logos and leaflets about the DarsGo system. 

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