ASECAP Position on the C-ITS delegated act


Position Paper on the C-ITS delegated act. Download our position paper


ASECAP Position Paper on impact of proposed Eurovignette directive revision on existing toll concession contracts


ASECAP Position Paper on the Impact of the proposal of Eurovignette directive modification on the existing toll concession contracts

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Contribution of toll concessions in the European economy and society


ASECAP has produced a leaflet:

Contribution of toll concessions in the European economy and society

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Túnel d’Envalira is the basic transport link between the north of Andorra and southern France, connecting Andorra’s CGII road with France´s RN22. The tunnel has a total length of 2.880 meters and the road on the French side crosses the Ariège River by means of a viaduct. This two-way tunnel is set between 2.043 and 2.052 masl (meters above sea level), which makes it the highest tunnel in Europe. This vital piece of infrastructure provides a critical alternative to the Envalira Pass mountain road, which is frequently closed to traffic in winter due to severe weather conditions.

NETWORK (as for 31.12.2017)


Data as for 31/12/2017 (Source: 2018 Statistical Bulletin) ; Complementary info: download their 2018 National Report

Companies Km   Toll revenues
1 4,2   Euros (million) 4,421
Traffic (Average daily)   Payment means
Light vehicles 1633   Toll stations 1
Heavy vehicles 181   Toll lanes 6
Total 1814   ETC lanes 0
      ETC subscribers 0
Rest areas 0   (1) VAT (4,5%) excluded  
Services areas (with petrol stations) 0      
Restaurants 0      
Hotels 0      


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