Dinner Debate 2016

ASECAP held a Dinner Debate, hosted by MEP Georgios Kyrtsos, on the theme "A manifesto on the Concession Model in Europe: A key element for a sustainable, efficient and safe road transport network" on Wednesday 9 November 2016 in the European Parliament in Brussels.

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Conference on Concessions 2015

Concession model, an efficient tool to foster growth across Europe: how to build a level playing field to attract private investors


30 March 2015 (European Economic & Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium)

ASECAP organised a high-level conference that analyzed the impact of the new European Directive on the award of concession contracts across Europe focusing specifically on the transport sector.

ASECAP has commissioned a study on the Concession Model to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The main findings of the study, entitled Evaluation and future of road toll concessions, were presented on the occasion of this conference. The study contains the perspective of Toll Road Operators on the importance of this key tool to ensure consistent and long-term investments in the Europen transport network. Furthermore, the study provides a comprehensive insight into how the Concession Model has been implemented in ASECAP member countries so far.


Evaluation and future of road toll concessions (Full Report) - click on cover above to download it


Evaluation and future of road toll concessions (Executive Summary) - click on cover above to download it

Study in French version (Full report): Evaluation et avenir des concessions autoroutières à péage - click on cover above to download it


Presentations made at the conference

Photos made at the event (photo's credit: ©Louis David)

Final programme


Press coverage of the conference:

Redefining concessions (ITS International, UK-based magazine)

ASECAP report details division of concession risks in EU (ITS International, UK-based magazine, website edition)

Così si gettano le basi di crescita e qualità (LeStrade, Italian magazine)

Europa, il volano delle concessioni autostradali (LeStrade, Italian magazine, website edition)

ASECAP wants to promote concession model (Agence Europe, Brussels-based EU press agency, website edition)

L'ASECAP veut promouvoir le modèle des concessions (Agence Europe, Brussels-based EU press agency, website edition)

Concessions directive: Time for transposition (EUROPOLITICS, Brussels-based daily publication on European affairs, website edition)

Evaluation et avenir des concessions routières à péage : l'analyse de PwC (article on page 27) (La Correspondance Economique, French daily on economic and social issues) 




Speaker's corner on


9 November 2010 (Brussels, Belgium)

Policy Statement
Media coverage
Venezia2008 000

ASECAP International Summit

"A Motorway Network for Europe: Market and Conditions"

Sunday 9 March 2008 (Venezia, Italy)

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Presentations & speeches:

Speech by Fabrizio Palenzona, ASECAP & AISCAT President
Speech by Paolo Costa, Chairman of the Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament
Speech by Patrick Jones, Executive Director and CEO of IBTTA (International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association)

Article(s) published in international specialised newsletters:

Article by Fabrizio Palenzona, ASECAP & AISCAT President, published in ETC - The international pricing review, Issue Nr.1/2008

Some of the articles published in the Italian Press:

II SOLE 24 ORE, 9 March 2008
ADNKRONOS, 9 March 2008
LA STAMPA, 10 March 2008

Articles published in the Belgian specialised Press:

LE LLOYD, 17 March 2008

The European "Road" to Increased Safety

Monday 21 January 2008 (Brussels, Belgium)

Event co-organised by ASECAP and hosted by MEP Paolo Costa, President of the EP TRAN Committee

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You will find below the presentations that were made during this event:

Designing, building and operating safe road infrastructures in Europe today: the case of Portuguese motorways, by José Rosario (APCAP - Lusoponte)
Value chain in safety management: concessionnaires duties, by Jacques Boussuge, Director of Safety & Operation (ASFA)
Work zones and technologies: management and communication to the users, by Antonino Galatà, Director of Operation (AISCAT - Autostrade per l'Italia SpA)
Modern motorways - safety features for the European citizens, by Maurizio Rotondo, Chairman, ASECAP Permanent Committee on Safety & Environment

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