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ASFINAG was founded in 1982 as a public limited company, owned by the Republic of Austria (100%). This company was not operatively active, nor in the field of construction neither in the field of motorway operation. Its aim was limited to financing services.

In 1997 ASFINAG was transformed into a company responsible for building, operating, tolling and financing Austria's motorway and expressway network. Since that time ASFINAG has the usufructs right and collects tolls for the use of its network. These tolls are the most important financing basis for ASFINAG as ASFINAG receives no money from the state even if the company is still owned by the Republic of Austria.

ASFINAG’s core competences consist in motorway operation, tolling and construction management. Main objectives are to ensure and optimise traffic flow, traffic safety and driving comfort, taken into account the demand of the road users. Reliability and efficiency are the basis of our activities.Furthermore, the permanent development and providing of important parts of the high-grade trunk network system regarding terms of traffic, economic matters and aspects of national economy is one the of superior objectives of ASFINAG. 

Since 2005, the operational tasks of ASFINAG are performed by five subsidiaries, whilst the group holding company is responsible for the company strategy and corporate service functions.The subsidiaries are the ASFINAG Alpenstraßen GmbH (alpine roads) and the ASFINAG Service company for operation, maintenance and traffic management. The ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH responsible for construction management and the ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH which is in charge of the tolling services. The portfolio is topped off by ASFINAG Commercial Services GmbH which is basically participating in international infrastructural traffic projects (consultancy services and participation in PPP projects).



Roads are the basis for individual mobility, economic development and prosperity. ASFINAG has been entrusted with the important societal task of maintaining and expanding the motorway and expressway network and funding related projects. This is a major responsibility – and one we do our utmost to fulfil. To this end, management has focused closely on the topics of corporate philosophy, the company’s strategic orientation and our vision for the year 2020. ASFINAG’s goals, positions and values have been clearly defined, so they may be shared with the public at large to ensure transparency and to provide all of the company’s employees with reliable guidelines for their daily work.

ASFINAG’s philosophy is reflected in the corporate MISSION statement:

  • ASFINAG is an efficiently operating user-financed builder and operator of motorways and expressways.
  • We provide a road network that meets our customers’ requirements, is well-serviced and developed with a special focus on road safety and optimal availability as well as user-friendly tolling systems.
  • All our activities are directed towards fulfilling our economic, environmental and social responsibilitiesy whilst strengthening Austria’s position as a business location.

Our medium-term goal and our motivation are reflected in our VISION 2020:

ASFINAG is one of Europe’s leading motorway network operators with a special focus on:

  • Availability
  • Traffic management
  • Traffic information
  • Road safety
  • Technological innovations
We act internationally and interlink with public transport.


The Austrian motorway and expressway network is 2,223 km long. It includes more than 5,700 bridges and 166 tunnels.

The entire ASFINAG road network is subject to tolling.

Tolling system and tolling technologies used

The Austrian toll system consists of a time-related toll (toll sticker/vignette for vehicles under/equal to 3.5 tonnes and motorcycles) and a distance-related (mileage-dependent) toll for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. The toll revenues belong to ASFINAG, which is also responsible for the toll collection. ASFINAG also operates special toll sections in Austria’s alpine regions charging a distance-related toll for all vehicles which is collected at toll booths (including video toll lanes). Tolls for vehicles above 3.5 tonnes are collected electronically via a free flow multi-lane DSRC system.

For cars and motorcycles ASFINAG introduced a digital vignette (directly linked to a vehicle’s license plate which is registered in a database) by the end of 2017 in addition to the toll sticker. This product is available online a
nd via the ASFINAG App as well as at selected sales offices.

Toll rates

At the beginning of 2017 the tariff system for heavy vehicles was changed. Since that, the distance-related toll includes surcharges for external costs, namely air and noise pollution.

The current toll rates for heavy vehicles can be found on

The current toll rates for light vehicles can be found on


Road safety

Making Austria's motorways amongst the safest in Europe get reality. The number of fatalities in 2018 was the lowest in our history. We are fully encouraged to continue our efforts to build a Safe System on our roads.

Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) rollout

The rollout of C-ITS, „Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems”, on the basis of WiFi technology (ITS-G5) has started in Austria. Safety relevant data can soon be transferred between vehicles and the road infrastructure so that traffic incidents, road works and other warning messages can be received inside the vehicle, where future assistance systems can react to these warnings.
The pilot installations of C-ITS have been tested successfully in the last years. The first use cases (“Day 1 applications”) have been developed in national and international initiatives and have already been tested in a pilot area of 24 C-ITS road side units in the area around Vienna. Tests across borders were carried out in 2018 with vehicles from France, Portugal and Austria.
The call for tender for the WiFi-based C-ITS rollout on the entire Austrian motorway network was published in December 2018. This call includes both Day 1 and Day 2 applications. For the first part of the rollout that is planned to start in 2019, approx. 150 locally installed C-ITS road side units are planned to be used, focusing on the motorways around Vienna and along the corridor Vienna – Salzburg up to the German border.


The goal of providing a network coverage by a sufficient number of e-charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the Austrian motor- and expressway network by the end of 2018 has been achieved. e-chargers were in operation at 26 service stations, so that at least every 100 kilometres, the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles is available. The expansion continues, in 2019 an additional five locations are planned. In the long term, every service station should be equipped with e-charging stations.

Corporate Social Responsability

ASFINAG is a future-oriented and sustainable company and we are very proud to announce that we were awarded with the prime status certificate by ISS oekom at the beginning of January 2019. This accomplishment is even more remarkable because it is very difficult for a motorway operator to meet the strict sustainability criteria of ISS oekom. Our goal is straightforward: We belong to the top of Europe and we definitely want to stay there.


Click here to download the 2021 map of the Austrian motorway network - PNG format


Data as of 31/12/2020 (Source: 2021 Statistical Bulletin)

Companies Km   Toll revenues (VAT & other taxes excluded)
3 2249   Euros (million) 2084,73
Traffic (Average daily)   Payment means
Light vehicles 27744   Toll stations 6
Heavy vehicles 4406   Toll lanes 118
Total 32150   ETC lanes or mixed lanes 1181
      ETC subscribers 10281422
Rest areas 55   (1) ETC lanes: 12 lanes GO-Maut lanes (heavy vehicles), 15 dedicated lanes and 91 mixed lanes (light vehicles)  
Services areas (wth petrol stations) 87   (2) Number of ETC subscribers - heavy vehicles
Restaurants 55      
Hotels 19      

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