ASECAP Position Paper on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) - click here to download it.

ASECAP was invited by EU Commissioner Violetta Bulc to participate in the Annual Informal presidential Council meeting that took place in Valletta, Malta, on 29-30 March 2017 with Road Safety as the theme of this high-level EU conference.

This very important two-day event allowed both parts, states and industry, to contact each other, under the EC umbrella, and present their thoughts, concerns, priorities, visions and planned actions in the road safety sphere.

The ASECAP Secretariat was present, together with ASFA – our COPER II Chair Malika Seddi - and AISCAT - our COPER II vice chair Emanuela Stocchi.

Photo: Kallistratos Dionelis, ASECAP Secretary-General

The first day was devoted the industrial sector where around 200 key sectors had the opportunity to present how they see the future road safety priorities. There was a strong competition of ideas, visions and plans among the stakeholders regarding the future priorities.

The ASECAP Secretariat is very proud that among the “competitors stakeholders” competing in front of all the key personalities (J. Mizzi, Maltese Minister of Transport acting as Council president, the envoy of the UN Secretary General and of course Commissioner V. Bulc),  ASECAP and its ideas/proposals came first leading a team of other stakeholders.

ASECAP COPER II chair Malika Seddi has performed an outstanding job and our ASECAP message was voted as the best.

Our key points voted as the crucial safety factors were the following:

  • the role of infrastructure in road safety;
  • the role of a road safety integrated approach;
  • the role of safety enforcement and
  • the role of financing.

Photo: Malika Seddi (ASFA), Chair of ASECAP COPER II 

The messages of the industry were gathered and presented the next day in front of the informal Council of Ministers who approved politically the key road safety priorities that will be addressed in the future.

The road safety messages are included in a political Road safety manifesto to be presented as the Valletta Declaration.

Supporting documents:

Valletta Declaration

Rapporteurs' summary reports - document 1

Rapporteurs' summary reports - document 2

Rapporteurs' summary reports - document 3

Rapporteurs' summary reports - document 4

Rapporteurs' summary reports - document 5

During this two-day conference ASECAP had an exhibiton  stand. This was a great opportunity to promote its two most recent publications dedicated to road safety, respectively entitled Ghost drivers - a direct experience of toll road operators and Life-saving chain in ASECAP: key procedures to save lives. You may find both publications in our "Publications" webpage, or in this ASECAP News section under "ASECAP Publications on Road Safety".

On its stand ASECAP also projected on a TV screen a series of videos highlighting the best practices from several ASECAP members in the field of road safety. The videos can be viewed by clicking here . (under the "Road Safety Conference 2017" section)



ASECAP Road Safety Leaflet 2017 - click on cover above to download it.

Ghost drivers - a direct experience of toll road operators - click on cover above to download it.

Life-saving chain in ASECAP: key procedures to save lives - click on cover above to download it.

ASECAP held its 10th Annual Road Safety Conference on Tuesday 21 March 2017 from 09.00 to 13.00 in the premises of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels on the theme:

                                                                            Road safety - A shared responsibility
                                                                                 A story of success or failure?

Presentations, speeches, proceedings, photos, as well as the road safety related ASECAP publications: click here to download.

EU Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, was the keynote speaker at our conference and congralutated ASECAP and its members for their achievements and good results in the field of road safety. She has encouraged them to improve their actions therein!


The 45th ASECAP Information and Study Days will take place from 29 to 31 May 2017 in Paris.

Theme: The concession model in the decarbonization era: preparing the infrastructure of the future

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