ICA (Turkey) joins ASECAP


ICA (Turkey) has become the 23rd ASECAP member on 1 January 2018

ASECAP warmly welcomes its new member!

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ASECAP Road Safety Conference 2018


Tuesday 20 March 2018, 13h30 - 17h30, European Parliament, Brussels.

Event hosted by MEP Georges Bach (TRAN Committee) 

Theme: Building on Valletta Declaration on Road Safety Actions. The unknown Road Users on Trans-European Motorways. How to understand and protect them.

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The 2018 ASECAP Study & Information Days will be held on 6-8 June 2018 in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

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Russian Federation


Data as for 01/01/2016 (Source: 2016 Statistical Bulletin). Their data have not been updated ever since.

Companies Km   Toll revenues
3 526,21   Euros (million) 55,502
Traffic (Average daily)   Payment means
Light vehicles 115687   Toll stations 18
Heavy vehicles 30302   Toll lanes 184
Total 145989   ETC lanes 34
      ETC subscribers 80784
Service areas 0   (1) Currently, State Company 'Avtodor' manages a total network of more than 2720,3 km, 526,2 km of which are tolled
Fuel stations 42   (2) Preliminary value for 2015 (exchange rate 1 EUR = 67,70 RUB) 
Restaurants 45    
Hotels 11      

State Company "Russian Highways" (AVTODOR)

Strastnoy Blvd, 9
RU-127006 Moscow
T : +7 495 727 11 95
F : +7 495 784 68 04
E : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
W : www.ruhw.ru

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