ASECAP Position on the C-ITS delegated act


Position Paper on the C-ITS delegated act. Download our position paper


ASECAP Position Paper on impact of proposed Eurovignette directive revision on existing toll concession contracts


ASECAP Position Paper on the Impact of the proposal of Eurovignette directive modification on the existing toll concession contracts

Download the position paper


Contribution of toll concessions in the European economy and society


ASECAP has produced a leaflet:

Contribution of toll concessions in the European economy and society

Download the ASECAP leaflet





Network as for 01.01.2013


Blue01 = existing toll motorway network


Data as for 31/12/2017 (Source: 2018 Statistical Bulletin). Complementary info: download their 2018 National Report

Companies Km   Toll revenues
1 15306   Euros (million) 4684,102
Traffic (Average daily)   Payment means
Light vehicles -   Toll stations 0
Heavy vehicles 67721   Toll lanes 0
Total -   ETC lanes 85853
      ETC subscribers 10815004
Rest areas -   (1) Number of trucks >7,5t., calculation: average daily on motorways charged KM / motorway network KM
Services areas (with petrol stations) -   (2) Preliminary figure for 2017  
Restaurants -   (3) Number of GNSS toll sections (GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite System)  
Hotels -   (4) Number of OBU subscribers (OBU: on-board unit)  


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