2018 ASECAP Study & Information Days, 6-8 June 2018 in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

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ASECAP 5th Marketing Workshop 2018

ASECAP, together with HELLASTRON, held its 5th Marketing Workshop on 3 May 2018 in Athens.

Marketing campaigns and actions to promote toll road infrastructure

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Position Paper on Truck Platooning


ASECAP Position Paper on Truck Platooning

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Sund & Baelt Holding A/S owns - through its subsidiaries A/S Storebaelt and Oeresundsbro Konsortiet - the two only user paid infrastructure roads in Denmark, viz. the two large bridge links: the Storebaelt link connecting the two biggest islands in Denmark and the Oeresund link connecting Denmark and Sweden.

Both links are combined road and rail links and fees are paid by both road users and railway operators.

The Storebaelt Link is 18 km long and the Oeresund Link is 16 km long, totalling 34 km user paid motorway. The Danish motorway road system totals almost 1,200 km. Apart from the above bridges, the motorways are not user paid.

The Oeresund Link is a combined motorway and railway link across Oeresund and extends 16 km between Copenhagen on the Danish coast and Malmoe on the Swedish one. In accordance with a government agreement, Oeresundsbro Konsortiet exclusively holds the concession to operate the Fixed Link and to collect toll fees from the Link’s users.


Network as for 01.01.2017


Blue01 = existing toll motorway network

Purple01 = toll motorway network in construction

Green = toll bridges, tunnels and roads


Data as for 01/01/2017 (Source: 2017 Statistical Bulletin) ; Complementary info: download their 2017 National Report

Companies Km   Toll revenues
2 34   Euros (million) 594,00
Traffic (Average daily)1   Payment means
Light vehicles 48998   Toll stations 2
Heavy vehicles 5269   Toll lanes 46
Total 54267   ETC lanes 36
      ETC subscribers 1327000
Service areas 0   (1) Total number of vehicles passing the 2 bridges per day  
Fuel stations 0      
Restaurants 0      
Hotels 0      

SUND & BÆLT Holding A/S

Vester Søgade 10
DK – 1601 Copenhagen
T : +45 33 93 52 00
F : +45 33 93 10 25
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