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ASFINAG was founded in 1982 as a private limited company, owned by the Republic of Austria (100%). This company was not operatively active, nor in the field of construction neither in the field of motorway operation. Its aim was limited to financing services.

In 1997 ASFINAG was transformed into a company responsible for building, operating, tolling and financing Austria's motorway and expressway network. Since that time ASFINAG has the usufructs right and collects tolls for the use of its network. These tolls are the most important financing basis for ASFINAG as ASFINAG receives no money from the state even if the company is still owned by the Republic of Austria.

ASFINAG’s core competences consist in motorway operation, tolling and construction management. Main objectives are to ensure and optimise traffic flow, traffic safety and driving comfort, taken into account the demand of the road users. Reliability and efficiency are the basis of our activities.Furthermore, the permanent development and providing of important parts of the high-grade trunk network system regarding terms of traffic, economic matters and aspects of national economy is one the of superior objectives of ASFINAG. 

Since 2005, the operational tasks of ASFINAG are performed by five subsidiaries, whilst the group holding company is responsible for the company strategy and corporate service functions.The subsidiaries are the ASFINAG Alpenstraßen GmbH (alpine roads) and the ASFINAG Service company for operation, maintenance and traffic management. The ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH responsible for construction management and the ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH which is in charge of the tolling services. The portfolio is topped off by ASFINAG Commercial Services GmbH which is basically participating in international infrastructural traffic projects (consultancy services and participation in PPP projects).




Roads are the basis for individual mobility, economic development and prosperity. ASFINAG has been entrusted with the important societal task of maintaining and expanding the motorway and expressway network and funding related projects. This is a major responsibility – and one we do our utmost to fulfil. To this end, management has focused closely on the topics of corporate philosophy, the company’s strategic orientation and our vision for the year 2020. ASFINAG’s goals, positions and values have been clearly defined, so they may be shared with the public at large to ensure transparency and to provide all of the company’s employees with reliable guidelines for their daily work.

ASFINAG’s philosophy is reflected in the corporate MISSION statement:

  • ASFINAG is an efficiently operating user-financed builder and operator of motorways and expressways.
  • We provide a road network that meets our customers’ requirements, is well-serviced and developed with a special focus on road safety and optimal availability as well as user-friendly tolling systems.
  • All our activities are directed towards fulfilling our economic, environmental and social responsibilitiesy whilst strengthening Austria’s position as a business location.

Our medium-term goal and our motivation are reflected in our VISION 2020:

ASFINAG is one of Europe’s leading motorway network operators with a special focus on:

  • Availability
  • Traffic management
  • Traffic information
  • Road safety
  • Technological innovations
We act internationally and interlink with public transport.


The Austrian motorway and expressway network is approximately 2,199 km long. About 383 km of this network consist of tunnels and about 345 km of bridges.

ASFINAG operates three different kind of tolling systems (Toll Sticker, Special Toll and Electronic Tolling).

Toll Sticker

Since 1997, passenger cars and motorcycles are obliged to buy toll stickers when they want to drive on the Austrian motorways and expressways, with the exception of the special toll sections. Thanks to a comprehensive network of around 5,500 point of sales. ASFINAG has ensured smooth distribution of the toll stickers. The simple system, and the modest fees charged have contributed greatly to the broad public acceptance of the time-related toll system in Austria.

Special toll sections

The sections that require considerable investments due to especially costly alpine terrain (the A9 Pyhrn motorway, the A10 Tauern motorway, the A11 Karawanken motorway, the A13 Brenner motorway and the S16 Arlberg expressway) - all together about 140 km - are subject to a distance related toll payment (special toll sections).

GO system

Distance-related tolls for Austria’s motorways and expressways are charged for all vehicles over 3.5 t maximum gross weight (trucks, buses and heavy motor homes). Toll collection is conducted with microwave technology, using a fully electronic system which does not hinder the flow of traffic (multilane free-flow system). Vehicles required to pay tolls which use the primary road network in Austria must be fitted with an onboard unit, the so-called “GO-Box”, which can be obtained at about 180 selling points.


Please find below the toll fees for 2016:


On the special toll sections - as before – also for vehicles over 3.5 t maximum gross weight an increased kilometre tariff applies.

The toll enforcement is done through a combination of automatic and manual systems.


Interoperability in tolling

The REETS TEN Project, which was jointly coordinated by ASECAP and ASFINAG, ended on 31st of December 2015. The project triggered a change process in the European tolling market and therefore the project partners decided to continue with certain activities of the project to further support the deployment of EETS.

Thus the EETS Facilitation Platform (EFP) was established by the REETS TEN project partners as well as new partners who joined the REETS community as follow-up of REETS TEN project. EFP is coordinated by ASFINAG in the role of EFP-secretariat in close cooperation with ASECAP and AETIS.

Besides the commitment for EFP, ASFINAG is currently in the process of accepting a couple of REETS Providers. The acceptance procedure is scheduled to be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

Next generation of the GO-Maut system

ASFINAG started the procurement of the next generation of the electronic Austrian “Go-Maut” System for vehicles over 3.5 t. The currently used DSRC technology will also be used  for the next generation of the system. In 2015, the tendering procedure was started and first indicative offers were received for the future “Go-Maut 2.0” tolling system. During the year 2016, negotiations with the bidders will be performed and the contracts for the new tolling system will be awarded. The implementation of the system should start in the last quarter of 2016.

Digital vignette

ASFINAG plans an upgrade of its toll sticker system for vehicles below 3.5t. In addition to the existing physical sticker, a so called “digital vignette” (buying the vignette via registration of the vehicle´s license plate number in a database) should be implemented within the next years. In 2015, feasibility studies were performed for this project.

Cooperative ITS (C-ITS)

The activities in the C-ITS domain in Europe and especially in the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria are moving towards the first implementation steps. In order to achieve this goal the year 2016 is dedicated to interoperability tests among the countries always under the involvement of the automotive industry. This will lead to a common understanding on the technical details how C-ITS can be used and which benefits can be expected from it. ASFINAG is strongly involved in the interoperability tests.

Automated driving

The topic of automated driving is very popular, but not only for the car industry. ASFINAG as a motorway operator is dealing with the new technologies as well. In 2016, ASFINAG is taking part in the development of a strategic action plan for automated driving in Austria, which is coordinated by the Austrian Ministry of Transport. The results are expected for mid-2016. Based on the action plan´s recommendations, the testing in field operational tests is Austria is scheduled to start in 2016.

Road Safety

Beginning of 2016 ASFINAG launched an initiative for more thoughtfulness in road traffic. Part of this initiative will be a media campaign on this topic in Austria. Another focus in 2016 will be the topic of enforcement of road safety related traffic offences.

Tunnel safety

ASFINAG has set itself the goal of making Austria's motorways amongst the safest in Europe. Our customers should feel and be safe when they drive through a tunnel: Around EUR 1.5 billion will be invested in tunnel safety (second tubes and upgrading) in the ASFINAG network by 2018.


Network as for 01.01.2019

Click here to download the 2019 map of the Austrian motorway network - PDF format


Data as for 31/12/2018 (Source: 2019 Statistical Bulletin) ; Complementary info: download their 2019 National Report

Companies Km   Toll revenues (VAT & other taxes excluded)
3 2223   Euros (million) 2163,001
Traffic (Average daily)   Payment means
Light vehicles 35559   Toll stations 6
Heavy vehicles 4641   Toll lanes 116
Total 40200   ETC lanes 252
      ETC subscribers 9813003
Rest areas 259      
Services areas (wth petrol stations) 87   (1) Preliminary figure  
Restaurants 55   (2) ETC: 11 lanes GO-Maut, 14 lanes video toll  
Hotels 19   (3) Number of active OBUs (contracts)  

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