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IBTTA Communications & Administration Workshop
12-14 March 2017
Tampa, USA

10th International Conference on Managing Fatigue
20-23 March 2017
San Diego, USA

2nd Annual Global Conference on Tunnels Safety & Fire Protection
23-24 March 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

IBTTA Summit on Finance, Policy and VMT
23-25 April 2017
Jersey City, USA

Infrastructures of the future - What are the needs? What public-private financing schemes? How can they contribute to economic growth in Europe?
Organised by ASECAP, ESPO, EFGC, LTI/A, with the support of ASFA
Venue: Solvay Library
26 April 2017
Brussels, Belgium

IBTTA Maintenance & Roadway Operations Workshop
21-23 May 2017
New Orleans, USA

12th ITS European Congress
19-22 June 2017
Strasbourg, France

Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium 2017
20-22 June 2017
Stuttgart, Germany

IBTTA-TRB Joint symposium on all-electronic tolling (AET) and Managed Lanes
16-18 July 2017
Dallas, USA

IBTTA 85th Annual Meeting & Exhibition
10-13 September 2017
Atlanta, USA

IBTTA International Summit of Rome
15-17 October 2017
Rome, Italy

24th ITS World Congress
29 October - 2 November 2017
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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