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 Complex of new toll station “Belgrade” was open for traffic on 13 April 2017. 

New toll station “Belgrade” is located on E 75 motorway, section Belgrade – Niš, with 23 entrance and exit lanes arranged in one row, 14 of which are foreseen for exit, i.e. payment, while 9 lanes are for entrance onto the motorway, 3 of which are reversible and can change their purpose in the periods of increased traffic volume, with which the capacity of payment lanes can increase from 14 to 17 lanes.

The number of traffic lanes equipped with the system for electronic toll collection has increased from the existing 9 to 20 traffic lanes.

Capacity of the new toll station “Belgrade” is about 5300 vehicles per hour, which is 45% higher than the capacity of the old toll station.

Parking lot for passenger vehicles (official parking lot), with 75 parking places, as well as parking lot for damaged vehicles with 17 parking places are located next to the traffic plateau.

Road maintenance depot is located east of the traffic plateau, with the access from the direction of Niš, equipped with standard facilities: administrative building with garage for passenger vehicles and warehouse, wash and salt storage and truck garage.

The administrative building for toll collection is located on the footbridge above the traffic lanes and tollbooths. Total length of the canopy facility is approximately 119.3 m and it is 20.04 m wide.

Office space is located in the central part of the canopy facility in three cubes. All three cubes are interconnected with halls.

Pedestrian footbridge along the entire length of the toll plaza is foreseen for pedestrian communication of the employees.

Vertical communication with booths and islands is realized with four steel stairways in total and one passenger elevator.

Along the pedestrian communication, there is a conveyer belt for the transportation of bulky/office material to the warehouse. 

The total of 70 cameras in HD ready resolution are installed for the purpose of monitoring traffic and other activities in the zone of frontal toll station complex and road maintenance depot.

Out of the stated 70 cameras, 50 are installed on the traffic plateau and the remaining 20 are installed in the zone of the road maintenance depot.

In accordance with the present trends in energy efficiency and energy saving, heating/cooling of the complex is solved by two-pipe fan coil–convertors and outdoor lamps with LED light source are installed as the lighting of the entire complex. 

In addition to standard traffic signs, special (nonstandard) traffic signs, i.e. LED displays with “caption” and LED displays with changeable symbols are also used for traffic directing and guidance in the zone of toll station.

To view the video featuring the new toll station complex "Belgrade", please click here.



Further info: PE Roads of Serbia website

APCAP Key Figures / Indicadores 2016 - click here to download the publication.

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